Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On the road

                                               Namling Brak, the most feared road.

Never had i enjoyed this journey though i did had several same jouney on the same road, maybe coz i got to take these pictures.

                                                             Towards Sengor
                                                      Beautiful Sengor
                            You get the best lunch at at this hotel, with the bukhari to warm up.
                                   From Sengor gear up to the Thrumsingla.
                            Road towards Thrumsingla. Can you see the road on the mountain.
                                                    Bye Sengor, thanks for the great lunch.
                                                  Finally on top of the world, Thrumsingla
                                                          Towards Mongar
                                                     And i am going toward Bumthang.
                                                            View from Thrumsingla
                                                       Beautiful Ura, Bumthang
                                                         Beautiful Bumthang
                                                                Bumthaps, enjoying the ride.
 Carrying ration up above the Kurji drupchu for my mom. I stayed at Bumthang for a week where my mom lives.

                                                            Still at Bumthang with cousin
                                         Hiking up to the neys (religious places), Bumthang.
                                                           God's bathtub, Bumthang.
                                  Haa haa, A model by the river of Chamkhar, Bumthang
                                           On the road to Khuji with nephew, Bumthang.
                                   Morning frost on the window glass at my aunt's place, Bumthang.
                               Breakfast Kuli (buckwheat pancake) with butter and emadatsi, Bumthang.

                                                      Yotongla, Towards Trongsa from Bumthang.

                    Sharing popcorn with the monkeys on the road towards Lobesa, Wangdiphodrang.
                                                        View from Dochula
                                                                 Snow at Dochula
                                                                            Army Bike
                                                                  Lobesa Field                                                       
                                                       Can you see the Bajo town

                                                                  Thank you

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