Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From my window

                       Its 2 am and still i can't get myself to sleep. I am down with flu and having
the longest night so i am doing this post which has been waiting to be post
for sometime. I saw this amazing cloud creation from my window. I see a huge
bird flying up in the true blue sky. Can you see it?

                                                                caught the lightening 


                                                                   Thank you

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Picnic by the river of Phochu, Punakha

           Like i said in my previous post that this will be my next post, so i am sharing some pictures of
           the family picnic we had by the river side of Phochu, away from Shaghana, Phunakha.

                                Apa and Acho couldn't get to the other side of the river ,,,,
                                           ,,,so they got help of the local to cross the river,,,,,
                                           ,,,there they are on the other side of the river,,,

                                        Crossing back with the help of the local guy.
                             Relaxing accompanied by the local cow.
                                                 This is one of my favorite picture
                                                        Mango time

                                       The river was too cold for my feet.
                                  Lunch, time to fill up after all the water play.
                                                       And sharing it with ants too.

                                                                THANK YOU