Thursday, May 29, 2014

Crochet projects

     My first trial at crocheting gloves. Tutorial from
And finally made a pair for my twin son. 
Another one with different pattern for my twin daughter. 
This one i made with the tutotrial from

I liked it so much that i ended up crocheting another one which was gifted to my friend.
I remember crocheting this first granny square during my school vacation and my mom would choose the color for next changing row color.
                             And to this day i still have it and using it as cover for my suitcase.
My mom like it so much that she wanted me to make another one which is still using it as cover.
                             I don't remember crocheting this one but i do know i made it.
                           I am still have it i am using it for my sofa and sometime on chair.
This was a gift from my talented friend.

                                              Ka-drin-che-la (Thank you with respect)


  1. Very pretty crochet work :) The stripey handwarmers are so cute xx

    1. Elisabeth, Thank you so much, never expected a comment here as you can see my blog is not popular yet, and i am wondering how did you find me.