Monday, June 9, 2014

Morning Walk

                                         The walk starts from here, walking up to the top of the hill.
                                                   The sun had already caught me
My place
                                                The school goer take the same route
           With their packedlunch they have to walk for an hour to school
                                          Gear up to the hill

                                                     Rest and take some fresh air
                The school kids left already, they are fast walker
                                     Bird eye view of my place
                                                   Steep climbing 

                            Still need to walk more to reach on the top
                          Above the cloud

                 walking down back to my place

                      Stick insect also going for morning walk

                                School kids waiting for the bus


  1. Hello :-)

    What an amazing place you live in! It's so beautiful!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

    Mel x

    1. Thank you so much Mel, you have a great pictures on your blog. My pictures are mostly taken from my cellphone Samsung GT-S3653, it gives happy pictures when its happy.

  2. Good morning. I just found your blog thru Mama's Mercantile. Your photos are absolutely beautiful!!! I can't imagine those students having to walk an hour to school every morning and it looks to me like they have to walk uphill all the way. I feel so blessed to be able to see so many beautiful places on this earth that I never would've seen if it wasn't for blogs. Have a beautiful day!!

    Namaste ~ Wendy