Monday, August 18, 2014

Saturday Project

 These pictures are taken on one Saturday, and my friends came to my place to get help with their crochet projects.
 Pema learning to crochet a shawl with the tutorial from
Leki learning to crochet a sweater for her daughter with the tutorial from and her blog
                         Tshultrim crocheting with her leftover yarns
                            I like this shaky picture blending the colors                 
                                 Tea and snacks to go with the crochet
                             Some pictures of my shawl journey.

Here i was trying green color as my border......
                           But than i followed the color of the pattern
And i was happy with it.

 And these pictures are taken on another one Saturday (sorry for being careless about date) Pema came for border tutorial for her shawl.
         Taadah! She was happy with her shawl completion.

                                       And she did modeling for my shawl too

                                       Left one is mine and Pema's on the right.

                                                 Yangchen started one for her mom

                                                   Ka drin che la (Thank you)

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  1. What a gorgeous shawl and so nice you spend the day crafting together with a group of lovely women. Mel x