Saturday, August 30, 2014

Twins Birthday


Today here at my side of the world it is Saturday 30th August 2014, my twins 14th Birthday but the blog takes the date of the other side of the world. 
 30th August, 2014
1. Sonam Phuntsho
2. Sonam Choden
Today as I see the smooth and shrine flow of Punatshang chhu through beautiful Wangdue valley. I am happy to write your 14th Birth anniversary message. You were born at 6.00 am and 6.13 am respectively on this special day at Thimphu Referral hospital. I vividly remember the anxiety of becoming a father for the first time and how you were born. Sonam Phuntsho, just after birth was crying hard, grasping for the first breath and experiencing absolute uncomfortable environment. Sonam Choden was born after 13 minutes. She was bluish, somewhat pale and motionless. The respiratory assistance was monitored by Dr. Druptho and her team until she gained her breath and was crying for the milk. Thanks for Dr. Druptho and her team once again.!!!
Today as we celebrate your 14th Birthday, I am confident and glad, nevertheless mindful that we celebrate your birthday blowing out candles, ignoring the fact that the extinguished candles could equally be seen as a reminder that you are a year closer to the responsibilities of the life and death. So be organized to face the truth in the journey of life.
You are 14 years old today dear!!!. I am happy to see you growing healthy, smart and beautiful by the grace of the Almighty God. More than that, you really made me proud father by excelling in your studies till now. I would like to avail this opportunity to congratulate both of you for your continued achievement and pray to outshine even better in the future.
The world today is the place for the best of the best; it demands wholesome education and intelligent way of living. Now as a student, your primary responsibility is to study hard. And inculcate good habits, character as to have bright future ahead. What you do today is nothing but your future for tomorrow. While I don’t dream of having our bloodlines, jaw lines, and surname, my only prayer and wish on the day is that you will become a good human being and serve the mankind. My sincere prayer for your continued success, good health and prosperity in your life. Once again, wish you very Happy Birthday & Happy Returns of the Day. With lots of love.
Tashi Delek
Apa, Mummy, Abi(grandma), Meyme(grandpa), Wangmo and Sonam Eyden
 Some pictures of Acho (big bro, lovingly called at home) and Sonam growing up.


      They are growing up to their Apa's (dad's) height
             I found this while cleaning old box. It was the message from Apa on their 10th Birthday.

    All they ask for their Birthday is Pizza treat , their favorite.
                                             Acho learning to cook
                               Acho's best friend Sahil
                           Sahil's home
                    Sonam with kid monk
                   And they have already grown up to my height.

                                   Tashi Delek

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