Monday, September 15, 2014

Visit to my school

 I have been wanting to post this for a long long time but i ended up doing other thing. These pictures was taken on my visit to old school. I did my primary school here and was here in boarding in 1994-1995.  
                               The most thing i enjoyed here was the view from my school.
                       I use to spent most of my time here reading with such beautiful view.
Up on the hill you see the white house was the dining hall. I didn't go up for the close up maybe next time i will get one. I used to hate climbing that hill to get my meal , which means i missed my meal most of the time.

                                                      Headed to river side to cool off.
A 1000 years old structure which is said to be the home of Galem (the girl in the never ending love story, A Romeo and Juliet version of love story, i guess)

    The road to the school.There was no road during my time, for me i had to hike up to school for an hour. The following pictures were taken during the second visit.
                                        All the school structure have been changed.
                       Only this one remain unchanged. It was use for PP and class 1 students.

                                          And better land escaping has been done.
                                 There never was ground this big during my time.

                                     Harvesting was going on way back home.


                                                              Tashi Delek.

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  1. These pictures are so pretty, specially the paddy fields with the harvest !!