Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Block Blanket

 This was my first blanket which took me ages to complete. I had to keep it aside during the summer but i did get back to it whenever the whether is cool like when there is rainfall.

 The journey started from this first block, 100 chains , back loop HDC, crocheted till  a skein  of yarn is out.
                                                  First block was completed here.
                                      Another one on its way to completion
                       Three blocks were joined with single crochet.
             Thought of adding the gray block but changed my mind as it seem odd.
                                                      Another long block joined
                         Bordering around the whole blanket was the longest journey.

                                                 The journey took day,,,
                                                              and night

                                   TADAH! Finaly it was done.


                                                 Ka-drin- che- la (Thank you)

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