Thursday, December 31, 2015

journey of sophi part 2

With the year ending i am doing my last post for the year 2015 as well which has been hanging around for sometime for i have been with an excuses with many projects as always. How was your year 2015? , mine has been bee year, moving to new places, opening online yarn shop, so many new wips which i will be carrying on to next year 2016, attending the events , etc. Well lets continue with our sophie journey from the part 1 , i must warn you this post is more of a pictures for i see it as too beautiful not to put up here.

                                                                            Part 15
                                                                 Part 16
Part 17
                                                                    TADAH !

                                              Thank you 2015 for wonderful year

                                Happy New year to all the beautiful people around the world.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Oversize Sweater

Hello lovelies, its been a while since i blogged. With the winter season i got stuck up with many warm up projects. I am squeezing my busy time to blog for the November month about the project which have been completed in 2014 but never got to blog on it.
   When i first saw this pictures , i wanted to knit one for myself.
                          So i started with 300 stitch on circular needle knitted in round  
           For each strip it took a skein of black and red. It was very easy just knit knit knit till the desire height.
                                          The back and front were separated for arms.
       Since i have cast on 300 stitch enough for arms, i knitted straight away the border for it.
                       And the hood came up but i was not happy with it . I will have to knit more later.
                                                                             TADAH !                                


          on this sweater have been travelling a lot with me keeping me warm thru the 2014 winter.

                                                               Thank you

Monday, October 26, 2015

2nd Bloggers Conference, Paro

I just got back from 2nd blogger conference at Paro and here i am blogging on it. While i was travelling back home this morning i was already thinking of writing on it but of course with few words and many pictures as always. 
                                     Speakers on stage.
                   Mam Karma Choden on Leadership of the self
                             Sir Passu on Social Media
                          Sir Nim Dorji on Law of Defamation
                       Sir Dorji Wangchuk on Middle path Journalism

                                Photo with Sir Passu who encourage me to attend the conference.
Vote of thanks from Rekha

                                                 A quick tour at Drukgyel Dzong.
   It was refreshing open friendly chat with all the highly learned bloggers.A new news from Dasho Sangay Khandu clean Lunana with no toilet. Sir Passu opening bottles with his eyes. A little talk with Mam Karma Choden and Mam Tshering on our journey back to Thimphu. I had a blast.

More coverage on 2nd blogger conference at

Million of thanks to all the organizers and sponsors for making this event successful. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Journey of Sophie Universe CAL 2015

When i joined this  sophies-universe-cal-2015 sophies-universe-cal-2015 i was bit worry if i could really do this CAL but than i was surprised how Dedri at did very easy to understand with detailed photo tutorial just the one for me. I got confident intensely so i went ahead with the journey of Sophie which is my third blanket. I did get some bumpy road while travelling but than i manage with some tricks without having to turn back. The journey began on 3rd February 2015. OK, are you ready to travel with me ,,,here we go now,,,
Here is the part 1 which went smoothly and i was very happy that i can actually read the pattern.
The yarns i get in my country are imported from India and does not have many choices as in other side of the world. I also didn't get the colors so i use which is closer to the one Dedri used. The yarns i used splits a lot and to top it the Pony hook (3.5mm) is rough which made it even more splits.
Anyway the second journey continued. 
Part 3

I had sweet journey on Part 3, celebrating Woman's day. Bumo(my baby girl) suggested Apa (dad) this treasure box full of chocolate coins for me. Yum yum,,,,
Part 4

I overlooked/read this round on Part 5 , didn't notice the popcorn was actually tulip and i loved it even more,,,
Part 5

Part 6

Part 7, i was overexcited with many mistakes, see picture above i forgot to Fpdtr on the other corner but i didn't want to frog it so i added Fpdtr with joining a yarn on that corner and it WORKED!
And while i was doing rose,,,,,
i found out a leaf was missing,,,
so here too i use the same trick, joining a yarn,,,
for the missing leaf, Vola! i am happy
Part 7

Part 8, inspire by the Dedri's Instagram picture i made my sophie bunch.

Part 9, round 73 i forgot to close the popcorn ,,,,
which i closed it with round 74,,,
Part 9

Part 10, i took my Sophie outing just in time for photo shoot with school cuties.

to be continued,,,,