Thursday, May 21, 2015

First Crochet Sweater

Kuzu zang po (greetings) beautyful people. I have been wanting to do this posting for ages but something always came up delaying this post. So finally i decided to do this post today My first crochet sweater. I did knit tons of sweater but never saw a crocheted sweater until I discover Yolanda's youtube tutorial I was amazed that the sweater can actually be crocheted. The picture above was my trial and i was so happy that i can crochet a sweater.

                     And then started my first sweater for my Bumo who loves wearing my work.

                                                  TADAH! i did it. 

                                                   Back of the sweater

                                    My daughter Bumo enjoys wearing it all the time.

 I enjoyed crocheting my first sweater so much that i ended making three more for her counsins, .Bumo's sweat was done in HDC and the above was DC stitch.

                                                               Tashi Delak

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