Thursday, July 9, 2015

10th Birthday

                     10th Happy Birthday Message for Sonam Eyden (Bumola)

Dear Bumola,

Today is your Birthday! I know you are very excited! It is a very unusual day for all the family members. On this auspicious occasion, we the family members would like to wish you very happy Birthday. May you be blessed with good health, prosperity, success and long life, and shower qualities of good human being to serve all the mankind.
Today you are 10 years old. We are very happy to rejoice your Birthday today with all the family members at Lobesa, Punakha. We are happy to see you growing healthy and beautiful Bumola. Of all, you really craft our family proud by doing well in your studies. I, on the behalf of family members and on my own behalf, would like to convey our heartfelt congratulations on the day for your continued achievement in your studies and further push to keep the same spirits and same pace in future.
The world has never been the bed of roses nor will it be in the future. In fact, it is getting complex and ever thorny day by day. Now it is known to be place for the intelligent people. You need to organize yourself from now to triumph over all the obstacles in the way to your life.  Only my prayer and wish for the day, is that you will grow up to good human being and be useful to others.
Now as student, your primary duty is to study hard, inculcate good habits, characters so as to have victorious future ahead.
Once again, congratulate on your continued success and wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day!

       Tashi Delek.

        Family members:
       1.      Mummy
       2.      Daddy
       3.      Sangay Wangmo
       4.      Sonam Phuntsho
       5.      Sonam Choden

       6.      Luna

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