Monday, March 23, 2015

Yesterday on Sunday

Hello Loveliest, how was your weekend. Mine was a happy weekend outing with family on the riverside beach. I was rippling while......
                           my boys were peacefully reading and girls exploring the riverside beach.

   Admiring this beautiful bottlebrush tree so was i told the name of the tree as it looks similier to bottlebrush.
                                     And the village on the other side of the river

                                      While we cool our fruits in the water ...

                                          we went to explore the beach ....

                                             And built a sand pyramid

                                                            I love these dead logs and twits.
                                                                        My twins

              The sparkling crystal clear was soooo cold. i had to jump out .....

                                                        hot sand


   My twin girl always writes in korean which she learn on her own and we have no idea what she has written.

                                                       Kadrinchela (Thank you)

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