Monday, August 31, 2015

Twins Birthday

              Yesterday was twins birthday. We went to Chimi Lhakhang for blessing.

                                         Asha Lam offering prayers at home and their Apa dear writes,,,

30th August, 2015
Sonam Phuntsho
Sonam Choden
Message on 15th Happy Birthday
The moment and tide wait for none. Often, we really fall short to understand as how time flies. In the course of daily chores thaw, at just like a blink, now you are 15 years old today. It has been for all time pleasure to see you budding healthy, beautiful and intelligent of 15 years now.
Onset, we owe deep gratitude for the whole lot to the Alimighty Wratheful Deities, for ensuring an obstacle free trail and shielding us from any kind of negative forces in our life till now, and our prayers for your continued successes, good health, thriving and hassle free life ahead.
While you stride through life, though we can’t clairvoyance about the life, but we know that, what you do today will definitely determine the quality of your future. Once again I‘d reiterate here that, you should have wholesome schooling and prepare yourself to be good human being on this earth. Our only aspiration, more than anything on the day, is that you would grow up to be good human being on this earth to serve mankind.
On this special occasion, I would like to applaud both, for your continued successes in your academic fronts, and emphasis further to burn enough mid-night oil, to walk a extra mile as to perform ever better to stroll successful path, of the cross road, in your academic life. Always remember that, Life is not the bed of roses, dear!
Last but not least, I on the behalf of all the family members and on my own behalf would like to wish you both very Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day!!!
Tashi Delek
Apa, Mommy
Wangmo, Bumo
Abi, Maemi and Luna

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  1. Happy belated birthday to your beautiful twins. Your letter to them is so wonderful. Thank you for visiting my blog. It is so nice to be able to meet people from the other side of the world. Namaste.

    ~ Wendy