Monday, October 26, 2015

2nd Bloggers Conference, Paro

I just got back from 2nd blogger conference at Paro and here i am blogging on it. While i was travelling back home this morning i was already thinking of writing on it but of course with few words and many pictures as always. 
                                     Speakers on stage.
                   Mam Karma Choden on Leadership of the self
                             Sir Passu on Social Media
                          Sir Nim Dorji on Law of Defamation
                       Sir Dorji Wangchuk on Middle path Journalism

                                Photo with Sir Passu who encourage me to attend the conference.
Vote of thanks from Rekha

                                                 A quick tour at Drukgyel Dzong.
   It was refreshing open friendly chat with all the highly learned bloggers.A new news from Dasho Sangay Khandu clean Lunana with no toilet. Sir Passu opening bottles with his eyes. A little talk with Mam Karma Choden and Mam Tshering on our journey back to Thimphu. I had a blast.

More coverage on 2nd blogger conference at

Million of thanks to all the organizers and sponsors for making this event successful. 

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