Monday, November 30, 2015

Oversize Sweater

Hello lovelies, its been a while since i blogged. With the winter season i got stuck up with many warm up projects. I am squeezing my busy time to blog for the November month about the project which have been completed in 2014 but never got to blog on it.
   When i first saw this pictures , i wanted to knit one for myself.
                          So i started with 300 stitch on circular needle knitted in round  
           For each strip it took a skein of black and red. It was very easy just knit knit knit till the desire height.
                                          The back and front were separated for arms.
       Since i have cast on 300 stitch enough for arms, i knitted straight away the border for it.
                       And the hood came up but i was not happy with it . I will have to knit more later.
                                                                             TADAH !                                


          on this sweater have been travelling a lot with me keeping me warm thru the 2014 winter.

                                                               Thank you

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