Monday, May 30, 2016

Millions of Thank you

May month was the happening month for me. I had my first ever display of my projects during the 13th Tarayana foundation on 5th May 2016. It was successful and made me forget all my stressful weeks i have been through. 
From left : Che, Sis, Nawang, Karma Choden, Tshering & Passu 
All thanks to Mam Karma Choden for making it possible at the last minute request and the excellent rescuer from the Bhutan Toilet Org. who are not only the toilet wizard but also became a wizard in helping me with the displaying of my projects, like a fairy making the stuffs i needed available.
Nawang pining the Sophi Universal
        Thank you Dasho Sangay Khandu for visiting my stall.                                                                          
                All the pictures here says it how supportive they have been for my crochet passion.
                                      Passu sir charting for Bhutan Knit N crochet
                                                    Tshering modeling the yathra sweater
                          Nawang for the lazy wave blanket with the Sophi Universal at the background
                                                   Little supporter (Nawang's baby)  
                              Thank you Tashi for stopping by and buying to support my passion

And Ugyen for being my best friend since childhood who came just in time for my lunch.

                                                        some more pics as usual

              My neighboring stall who came all the way from far east village.

My stall , thank you Tashi for this pic.
                                                                   My people
Though happy ending, i was sad at the same time to let go off my crochet therapy.
These littles came to me to show off their facepaint, cute na. 
Millions of thanks to my family
                   - Tarayana Foundation
                   -Mr & Mrs Karma Choden
                   - Passu
                   - Mr & Mrs Nawang
                   - Che
                   - Tshering
    I also got to visit Sharipangkha, Gasaylo on May 21 for Lord Bhudha's parinirvana to offer thousand butter lamps

For the June read i failed again with only a book