Saturday, April 30, 2016

April month

April read i failed to do 3books, so only 2books for this month.

                                              I got lucky to meet my favorite singers
                                       Singer Jangchuk Choden
Singer Ugyen Panday
                                                             Visit to Tsewla Gomba
Can you see Punakha Dzong far down the river? View from Tsela Gomba

                                                  Progress on pullover for my son
Knit needle size : 5.5mm
Stitch : 140
Yarns available at my online shop
 Redoing my over size sweater

Thank you


  1. Kuzu zang po Greetings from Malaysia. I am not a knitter or crafter but I like the vibrant colours of your knitted work. They are so attractive and nice.

    That singer Jangchuk Choden looks like the former Prime Minister of Thailand.

    1. Thank you so much. your comments means a lot.

  2. A blog on crocheting. Quite nice one.