Sunday, July 31, 2016

July month

July Read
 July was celebration month with Bumo's 11th Birthday. She was happy that we were going to Gokap on her BD for her sister Sonam dance competition. Sonam got thru the first round and both wanted to celebrate at Korean Restaurant.
So here we were feasting on Korean menus.

 Second day at Gokap. Sonam wants to be journalist so for inspiration  i requested journalist Namgay Zam for a pic with my kids. Though for second round Sonam was out but she was happy for the platform.
                                                      Attended Bloggers meet
                                                                Went to Kabesa Lhakhang
    And ended the month with the outing at our all time favourate place Sonagasa, Punakha with my                      people

And of course some progress on new WIP
Another new Poncho coming up. Awwwoo i have been into poncho these days 

Kadrinche la (Thank you)

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  1. Nice outing and bloggers gathering you had. Over here the Nuffnang always held events to invite bloggers but response could be weak at times.

    I love the knitted work and the colours are so vibrant & beautiful.