Saturday, October 29, 2016

October month Yathra inspiration

 Yathra has always inspire me with its colors and this jacket was tailored from the piece i had for long time.
     I use to have yathra weaver in my neighborhood in my old place Rinchentse, Bhutan. I often go to witness her work.
yathra yarns dry out
Her baby girl also helps with the yarn ball.
I have been wanting to knit in yathra colors so last year i had my first trial went with the strip colors on the yathra 
                    TADAH! A hat, it came out beautifully and instantly i felt in love with it.
                                   So many crochet hats came up
               I used 4mm hook for the local yarns available and started with 80 stitch foundation DC.
                                      For the border its BPDC and FPDC.

                             Some were gifted , some were taken and some were sold

                           And i went ahead with crocheting a pullover sweater 
And its turn out to be one of my favorite 
with Nawang 
pic by Passu Sir

The old sweater of my friend's son. I want to knit or crochet one like that.

To be continue....

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