Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November month Yathra Story Part II

 Before i go further this is the book i read for November month and the picture is from my Instagram. 
  With so many projects to complete I have failed my resolution of reading 3 books/month for the year 2016. 

As mention here wanting to start another cardigan with the same ideas of 1dogwoof's pattern and allaboutami's pattern with my own yathra inspired design colours 

Started with 260 foundation DC and i used my all time old 4mm hook, here you can see my hook wearing out its colours after 20yrs , still surviving.   
Unlike the green cardigan where i did 15 rows following exactly as 1dogwoof's pattern, i stop at 11 rows for the neck and chained with same colour (darkred) for the other front side of the cardi.
Join new colour at the end of the chain. 
                                                             For the front i did 23 rows each.

            At the bottom slip stitch from one end to other end to create foundation for a row of SC
                For the bottom border/edging just a row of SC
For the front border i went as per the pattern and the arms border just a 10 rows of BPDC/FPDC

              It took me a month to accomplish this project, just in time for my travel to India tour
               Hosting prayer flags at Tsho Pema (Rewalsar lake), Himachal Pradesh, India

                                               A closer look at my project from the trip

                               Kitty's favorite place, who witness doing all my projects.

                                       Kadrinche la (Thank you with respect)

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