Sunday, December 29, 2013

Guest Post by My man

My family flash back 2013 
                                 Punakha during Dungkar Wangchen (Dec,2012 to Jan,2013)
                              Paro Airport, seeing off Mr. Sherub Dorji  to Australia on 9th Jan, 2013 
                  Rinchentse, Tala , Helipad with family friends making Losar on 11th Feb, 2013
                                     At Rinchentse Road, Sonam Phuntsho on 12th Feb, 2013
                                                 Rinchentse, Tala  on 12th Feb, 2013
Las glimpse of Sonam Phuntsho, Sonam Choden and Wangmo at Rinchentse, Tala – Shifting to Lobesa on 13th Feb, 2013
Wangmo, Sonam Choden and Sonam Phuntsho at break from journey to Lobesa at Lamperi Park on 13th Feb, 2013
                          First day at their new School, Lobes Lower Secondary on 15th Feb, 2013
                      Dechenphu, first time wearing Kabney and Rachung  on 10th March, 2013
             Lobesa, at Late Lam Sepo’s Residence after getting blessing from Kudung on 17th March, 2013                  
                                        Lobesa, Late Sepo’s Lakhang on 10th March, 2013
                                           Little picnic, Lobesa,   on 10th March, 2013
                       Paro Airport, with Namgay Dema, seeing off to Australia on 20th March, 2013
                 Chhimi Lakhang, during auspicious occasion of Zhabdrung Kuchoe  on 20th April, 2013
               With Captain Changa , en-route to Salzburg, Austria via Delhi on 21st April, 2013
                                           Delhi, international Air Port on23rd April,2013
                              Palfinger, Salzburg,Austria on 24th April,2013 with inspection team
                            Salzburg, Austria with Mrs. Andrea and K. S Babu on 24th April,2013
                                        Salzburg, Austria on Sound of Music Tour on 25th April, 2013
 At Lobesa Lower Secondary School, Auto stripping case of PHPA –I bus investigated by RBP, Punakha on 23rd May, 2013
Books that i have gone through...
                                            Planting paddy –view from my bedroom
        Cooling off by river side with cucumber …family outing during weekend -30th June, 2013
                          8th Birthday Cake for Sonam Eyden, 9th July, 2013, Rinchentse, Tala
        Rinchentse, Tala  during 8th Birthday of my daughter Sonam Eyden on 9th July, 2013
                        At Lamperi Park, en-route to Lobesa for Rinchentse on 11th July, 2013
Blood donation Campaign at Project Hospital, Bajo coinciding with the First Sermon of Lord Buddha on 12th July, 2013
            The Unique Circle noticed around the Sun during voting day on 13th July, 2013- Lobesa
                              ..Must be monsoon season…awesome view from my bedroom…
                           … that the book that I read to know about one’s mind  during 2013..
 Puri preparation in progress during Shri Vishuwa Karma Puja on 17th September, 2013 – Hebesa , PHPA-I, Central Workshop
 Witnessing Puja Celebration at M/s Gammon India, with Project Manager and PHPA-I Officers on 17th Sept, 2013
             Central Workshop, Hebesa, PHPA –I  with Staff and guests for Puja on 17th Sept, 2013
During cultural show at Jai Prakesh Associates  limited in honour of Celebration of Vishu Karma Puja on 17th Sept, 2013
        Tsheringma Drupchu, Tongsa – had indigenous breakfast for long drive to Ngatshang, Mongar on 27th Sept, 2013
                   Ngatshang, with cousins at break from plowing field on 2nd Oct, 2013
        Guess what is in the mug??? ha ha it was my mother special  brewed ara for me – 7th Oct, 2013
                                           Ngatshang, with Mom and Dad on 9th Oct, 2013
                                                  Namling, water fall -10th Oct, 2013
    Logodama, Punakha – family off land for moment for change...13th Oct, 2013
Door closed due to unmanageable crowd during Nangten blessing, it was night mare especially for old, kids – people didn’t prove essence of Buddhism -20th Oct, 2013
                                                     Douchula, -19th Oct, 2013
                                      One of the best book that I ever read….mind blowing…
                                     Zhung Dratshang en-route to Punakha, winter residence
                                          With my kids- just pose for bearded for change…
                                  PHPA-I Guest house, Phuntsholing with Sonam Eyden (Bumo)
       Inspection and Load testing of Palfinger knuckle boom 30 tons Crane with Michicle and Party
                                     Tala Dam, Where I started my career –with my daughter
The friends that greeted me way back Lobesa ,after visting Tala Dam…seemed they knew me coz I was there for so many years…
                                                           Bajo,waiting for Pizzas
                                                         Ready for grabs….
                                                                           Result day

                                                                  Thank you

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